Proud Past...Bright Future - Revitalization and Streetscaping

Revised MHS Baltimore Avenue Corridor Study

This updated version of the study is published in sections, including a table of contents, Sections 1-6, and an appendix. View all sections now using the issuu publication tool.

Are you looking for FACTS on roundabouts? (U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration) 

Many have questions or are skeptical about what a roundabout is and what it can do for traffic calming, safety, and the environmental impact of increasing traffic through the borough; however this type of intersection is a more common solution than you may think.

Bumpouts and rain gardens are more than just a pretty face. 

Craig Bachik finalized his report and presented it to the Borough Council for review and comment. View it now. (Note: Large file size may take some time to open completely.)

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Recent Questions to the RevitalizeMHS Mailbox:

A writer asked,
"Regarding the install the roundabouts and gardens. Why aren't you more concerned about the 34/94 intersection, which is extremely dangerous? I think that should be on top of your list." 

Our response,
"We are VERY concerned about the 34/94 intersection and that's one of the highest priority items from a safety perspective. Roundabouts are the hot button, and therefore the two 4-way stops in town are garnering all the attention. I will add that it is to the credit of the consultant, Craig Bachik, that that intersection was included in the study -- the original scope of work didn't go beyond the Holly Inn. Like you, Mr. Bachik felt the safety issues at that intersection were critical to address, and he originally suggesting a roundabout. After the second public meeting and further investigation, that recommendation was modified (due to the grade, severe re-construction would have been needed); thus he advanced the current dedicated turning lane concept. We feel certain that PennDOT will see this intersection as a very high priority. The first step is to have the Master Plan (currently being re-drafted as requested by Council) reviewed and accepted. The more we can turn the focus to safety and traffic calming and the best recommendations for dealing with those critical issues, the better. And we hope, with a solid master plan for the WHOLE town, we can take care of these issues effectively AND help improve the value of the town as a destination. I'm so glad to hear your voice in this effort."

What Just Happened: LOTS!

  • Council meeting on March 14 was very well attended. Rumors and mis-information about round-a-bouts continues. Volunteers are needed to help with communication and education efforts.
  • Voting on Baltimore Avenue Master Plan will be announced, but was delayed to allow for re-work to make improvements in content and format.
  • Zoning Officer Joe Andretti emphasize conceptual nature of the plan: Without a master plan draft, outside funding for ANY projects is unlikely, and each portion of the concept will become a project that is carefully vetted and planned.
  • Councilwoman Pam Still showed the graphic for street banners with the slogan, "Proud Past, Bright Future."
  • Giant/Martin's has awarded us TWO benches from their Bags to Benches program, thanks to Alan Hass' application on the Borough's behalf.
  • Rebecca Yearick continues to make great progress on behalf of business development in the Borough and availability of programs like First Time Buyers' funding.
  • Sheetz's construction is underway with completion slated for August 2016.
  • The committee is working on grants for storm water management projects.
  • Holly Marsh clean-up is April 9, 2016, from 8:30a.m. to noon. Contact the Borough office to volunteer.
  • Pam and Al Hass attended the roundtable discussion on the Youth Initiative for MHS at the Borough office.
  • Chuck Crone is working with the Sentinel on a follow up article on the roundabout at Sterretts Gap.
  • Jim Horner and Crew cleaned our streets of the snow, Cork Shildt directed traffic until 3am to help the Chief and Joe Andretti clear Baltimore Avenue of snow.
  • Katie Daniels read a personal testimony written by Attorney William Costopoulos at the February 8, 2016 Borough Council meeting on his personal experience with the Sterretts Gap roundabout.

What's Coming Next:QUESTION and COMMENTS are encouraged by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or handwritten to Pam Still c/o the MHS Borough Office. THANK YOU!  

What's in Progress: Colorful "Welcome to Mount Holly" Street Banners. Pam Still applied for and we were awarded a $2500 grant from Greater Harrisburg Realty Group. The banners will be manufactured by TexVision in Carlisle. The design was created by Keystone Signs in the Borough. This project looks like it will be moving forward, now that the grant monies can be released, and we hope to have the banners by end July, 2016.

The Committee continues to move forward with the new green space donated by Mr. Eby and his business partners on the north end of town (to be named Veterans Park, in partnership with the American Legion, who donated start-up funds for this space), is meeting with partners regarding potential grants for important improvements like sidewalk work in the borough, and is planning a Facebook page to more effectively provide you with regular updates on activities and actions we are taking to make Mount Holly Springs a more attractive place for us and others who travel through our town. Read more about accomplishments on this project.

How You Can Participate

Join in! We welcome your input and are on the lookout for fresh ideas and extra hands when there’s a task to be accomplished. 

Lend your expertise! We are in particular need of folks with graphics and technology expertise, young people with thoughts about improving their town for future generations, and anyone with a strong historical perspective on the town to build its story. At the very least, make sure we have your preferred contact information – e-mail or U.S. mailing address – so we can keep you up to date on what we’re accomplishing. Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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