Important Notices

FEMA Flood Maps

FEMA offers two views showing flood
mapping of the Borough of Mt. Holly Springs.

FEMA Appeal

Read the letter from FEMA regarding the
appeals process for the proposed map.

FEMA Property Checker

Go to FEMA's property checker to see where your property falls within the proposed FEMA map.


The Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority has just announced a program to help those who are facing unemployment or loss in income and are at risk of losing their rental home or utility services. Please reach out to for application and information or call 717-249-0789.

Cedar Street, Mt. Holly Springs

“It all started with one phone call asking for a story about the old church on Cedar Street.  This call and the resulting stories from the Gumby Family led to an overwhelming turnout of neighbors and volunteers.  It all started with a  phone call and the Ward/Smith family found the grave of their grandfather/great-grandfather.  Mt. Tabor Preservation Project has grown out of those first phone calls.  The Preservation believes the church and cemetery are an important piece of history and the goal is to ensure that both are on course to be recognized and maintained.” Click here to view the project website.

Mt. Tabor Church

The Scoop on Skunks

When left undisturbed, skunks are peaceful and provide
insect and rodent control. In most situations, skunks are more beneficial than problematic.

Have a problem? Consider this:

  • Skunks are active at night, so the night is a good time to close off entrances to dens.

  • Skunk odor near your home is not necessarily an indication of a resident skunk. A neighbor’s pet may have been sprayed with the musk and moved in under your deck.

  • The most effective means of avoiding skunk problems is to remove denning sites under and around structures such as garages and homes.

  • There are no toxicants or repellents registered in Pennsylvania for use on skunks.

  • Skunks eat many pest species that cause damage to lawns and vegetation.

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Trash and recycling are Fridays from 6 am to 7 pm. Your trash must be in the Apple Waste totes that were provided to you.

NOTE: Please have your trash curbside the evening before trash and recycling collection.

SINGLE STREAM: The recycling service is “single stream.” Items collected include aluminum cans, glass, plastic #1-7, junk mail, phone books, cardboard, and paperboard boxes. Included in normal pickup is one bulk item serviced per week. Bulk items include sofas, chairs, mattresses, or appliances. Appliances containing Freon like refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioners cannot be accepted unless they are removed from Freon by a certified technician and marked appropriately.



I may be beautiful, but I’m dangerous. I’m the Spotted Lanternfly and I invaded from Southeast Asia. Although small, I multiply rapidly by laying egg masses. I can affect trees, orchards, and fruit-bearing vines.

If you see me, email [email protected] and [email protected].

Learn more about me here!

Homeowner Assistance

1st Time Home buyers

The Cumberland County Affordable Housing Trust Fund First-Time Homebuyers Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program provides up to $3,000 in assistance to qualified first-time homebuyers who purchase homes in Cumberland County and have a gross household income between 80% and 100% of the county’s median income. This assistance is in the form of a five-year, no-interest, forgivable loan. The assistance can be used toward the purchase price of the house and, or, closing costs. This program will match the participants’ savings 3-to-1. 

Find more info HERE.

Home Repairs

The Cumberland County Commissioners have provided funds to the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities to be used for county homeowners to help pay for home repairs to correct code deficiencies in the residences of the qualified homeowners.

Find more info HERE.