Resolutions & Ordinances

resolution is a written motion adopted by Council. The substance of the resolution can be anything that can normally be proposed as a motion, and may be amended. An ordinance is a law, statute, or decree enacted by Council. Ordinances govern matters not already covered by state or federal laws such as zoning, safety, and building regulations. 

Here are the resolutions and ordinances for the current year:

Resolution 2018-07

April 09, 2018

This resolution provides the Borough the authority to reimburse the General Fund for any monies spent on the Hill Street Drainage Improvement project with grant monies awarded by PENNVEST for this project.

This resolution authorizes the Borough Manager to sign all PENNVEST Grant papers for the Hill Street Drainage Improvement project and for the Manager and Treasurer to be designated requestors for all funds.

Resolution 2018-06

April 09, 2018

Resolution 2018-05

February 12, 2018

This resolution awards the bid contract for the Hill Street Drainage Improvement project to Shiloh Paving Incorporated. This project will be funded by the awarded PENNVEST grant.

This resolution supports the formation of an independent citizens’ commission for congressional and legislative redistricting efforts.

Resolution 2018-04

February 12, 2018

Resolution 2018-03

February 12, 2018

This resolution authorizing the negotiation and acquisition of rights-of-way for the Hill Street Drainage Improvement project.

This resolution updates information for the management of tax collection in the Borough.

Resolution 2018-02

February 12, 2018

Resolution 2018-01

January 08, 2018

This bi-annual resolution sets fees for the Borough.